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[Mononoke Hime] Fic: 山の木霊

Hello! Is there anyone left in the community who would like have a good old chat about Ghibli? I'm new to Dreamwidth and hope I'll be able to do some fandoming on this corner of the internet, sooner or later. Anyhow, I come bearing fanfiction! Thoughts are always appreciated and welcomed.

Title: 山の木霊 (or, Echoes of the Mountain)
Word Count: Roughly 14,500
Rating: M-ish
Summary: San welcomes Ashitaka into her den.
Additional Notes: Post-canon, San/Ashitaka. A sexy-medieval-fantasy-Japan!slice of life to add to your day. Scenic landmarks and Ghibli shoutouts included for your perusal.


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Awesome animated Totoro icons (LJ link)

x-posted with permission from [ profile] krissasaur

Click here for more!
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What was the first Ghibli film you saw?

Which is your favorite?
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Totoro green~

Is everyone ok with the new layout? :]
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Ponyo ponyo ponyo~

I just had the chance to see the U.S. release in theaters yesterday. My heart is still doing fireworks. ♥

I thought it was an excellent dub.
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A basic sketch of the community guidelines is now up, so feel free to start posting! I will be modifying the guidelines as I see fit. Next on the to-do list is to find a Dreamwidth layout that is media-friendly! (That is, wide enough to accommodate pictures, yet still easy on the eyes.)

In the meantime, how would you guys like to break the ice with this community? Would you prefer to have weekly post themes of some sort until things start taking off, or would you prefer to simply let the community take its course? Your input is greatly appreciated!