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Name:Studio Ghibli Fans
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for fans of all things Studio Ghibli. :)

About the Community

This is a community for all fans of any and all Studio Ghibli works to come together to discuss official Ghibli works, as well as provide their own homages and tributes to Studio Ghibli works.


Anything related to Studio Ghibli is welcome here: fanfiction, fanart, icons, music videos, metafandom, academic essays—pretty much anything and everything you can think of!


Hard Rules

These are rules that must be followed. You will receive up to two warnings if you violate these rules; your third offense will lead to a ban from the community.

  • Do not post pictures or material that violates Dreamwidth's terms of service.

  • It is preferred that you post your own fanfiction and fanart. If you promote other people's fanart and fanfiction, please give appropriate credit and respect the original creator's wishes regarding distribution (e.g. upload to your own server instead of direct-linking).

  • Respect the property rights of the creators of the work; if you are contacted by an official representative to remove your content, please do so.

Soft Rules

These rules are more like guidelines. You will not be banned from the community for violating them, unless you do so in excess and it gets really annoying.

  • Follow the posting guidelines and etiquette guidelines.


  • Be polite and courteous when interacting with other members. If you have a problem with another member, work it out in a civil manner; if problems continue, contact a mod and the situation will be resolved ASAP.

Posting Guidelines

Post Format

If you are posting...

  • Fanfiction: All fanfiction must be under a cut or under a fake-cut (link to another page). You are required to make a note of any applicable warnings outside of your cut. Other nonrequired but useful fields include: title, word count, rating, brief summary.

  • Fanart, cosplay, and other images: All large images (over 600 pixels wide) must be placed under a cut. A teaser image and the full image under a cut would be preferable where possible. Place all NSFW pictures under a cut. Other nonrequired but useful fields include: link to artist's gallery.

  • Icons and other graphics: No more than three teaser icons outside of the cut. Cut large graphics.

How to...

  • ...make a cut: <cut>YOUR CONTENT</cut>
  • ...make a cut with different text for the link: <cut text="YOUR TEXT">YOUR CONTENT</cut>
  • ...make a link: <a href="URL">TEXT</a>
  • a picture: <img src="URL">


Please tag your entries; they help make browsing the community much easier! As of now, all members can create tags and tag entries. However, this is subject to change if the mods have to spend excessive amounts of time organizing tags.


under construction


Primary Moderator: [personal profile] orchidfire. I can be contacted via private message or via e-mail, listed in my profile.

Interests (74):

ashitaka, castle in the sky, chihiro, gake no ue no ponyo, gedo senki, ghibli, ghibli movies, grave of the fireflies, haku, hayao miyazaki, hotaru no haka, howl, howl's moving castle, isao takahata, jiji, kiki, kiki's delivery service, kodama, kurenai no buta, laputa, mei, mimi o sumaseba, miyazaki, miyazaki hayao, mononoke hime, my neighbor totoro, nausicaa, nausicaä, neko no ongaeshi, no face, ocean waves, omohide poro poro, only yesterday, pazu, pom poko, ponyo, ponyo on the cliff by the sea, porco rosso, princess mononoke, san, satsuki, seiji, seita, setsuko, sheeta, shizuku, sophie, spirited away, studio ghibli, takahata isao, tales from earthsea, the cat returns, tombo, tonari no totoro, totoro, umi ga kikoeru, valley of the wind, whisper of the heart, おもひでぽろぽろ, となりのトトロ, もののけ姫, ゲド戦記, スタジオジブリ, ハウルの動く城, 千と千尋の神隠し, 天空の城ラピュタ, 宮崎駿, 崖の上のポニョ, 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ, 火垂るの墓, 紅の豚, 耳をすませば, 風の谷のナウシカ, 魔女の宅急便
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